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We've taken our pricing guide that we have used for years, revamped it, and made it fully editable for your business! All you have to do is:


1. upload your logo

2. change the prices to match yours

3. save


Super simple process. We have provided 2 templates:

  • website size files
  • PDF's that are perfect for printing and sending via emails. 


Clear pricing is one of my biggest suggestions for a balloon business. This is a highly visual industry, so the more visuals with clear pricing, the better. Simplify your onboarding process with this pricing guide!


These templates are a great start for you to edit. You can keep it as simple as only editing the prices and adding your logo (super easy, could be as quick as 30min) or you can completely edit, rearrange, and add your own elements! 


The pages included are:

  • organic balloon garlands
  • classic decor
  • misc. decor
  • rentals
  • add-ons
  • sizing guide


Some important notes:

  1. these templates are based off of our style of pricing/ordering, so you may need to make some edits to some things. 
  2. check out our website to see how our pricing guide is laid out. It is almost identical to this offering. 
  3. you must have a canva account to edit this. Canva is free!
  4. knowledge of editing in canva is highly recommended. Although, I do think you could figure it out, especially with some youtube crash courses :)
  5. the balloons are able to change colors EXCEPT one of the misc decor options (a rainbow) cannot change, but it is in a very neutral color palette. 


**you must have a canva account to edit**


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