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How soon do I need to order?


We prefer as much time as possible to ensure we are available the date of your event! 


How long will my balloons last?


Air-filled balloons kept in an air conditioned room can last weeks! Outdoor and helium balloons are not as lucky. Things like heat (i.e. the sun), sharp objects, people's hands, etc. can be harmful to the longevity of the balloon! If you're needed your installation to last a long while, we recommend coming back out to add replacement balloons + spruce it back to life.


Do you return to clean up?


We will absolutely return for an additional fee. If you're renting a backdrop/framework from us, we will return to clean up and collect our items. This fee will be added to your invoice.


Do you require a deposit?


Yes we require a 30% retainer fee. This fee holds your date and ensures we will be available for your event. Because we are marking that day off our calendar, making us unavailable to other clients, this fee is non-refundable. 

How do I book?


You will fill out our form telling us a little about your event. We will email you to follow up. After nailing down all the deets,  we send over a contract & invoice. BAM it's official.

What if I have to cancel?


We totally get it! Things happen. Although, due to us being marked unavailable to other clients for that date, we cannot refund the retainer fee. (30%) The remaining balance (if balloons have not already been inflated for your event) can be used on a different date as a “rain check.” 

Do you travel out of OKC?

Yes! We will travel to you. Our delivery fee is $2.50/mile.

Are balloons safe for the environment?


High quality latex balloons are 100% biodegradable! We hold ourselves to those high standards and use only biodegradable latex balloons. Foil balloons are not biodegradable, but they are re-usable! You can save them for another event in the future. For every foil balloon we sell - we plant a tree with American Forests. 

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